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Interim Management – a convincing approach

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Interim-Managemt – a convincing approach

Flexibility & Efficiency

  • Temporary tasks need temporary resources
  • Many Management-tasks are limited in time
    Management Services avoids surplus of idle management
  • Projects are always limited in time
    Management Services providing  “taylor made” resource-mobilization

Quality & Sustainability

  • Service Manager do not stand outside the company´s life, they act fully integrated, directly accountable for what they do
  • Service Manager must show Team-spirit and Loyalty
  • Tasks assigned to Service Managers may be clearly defined, achievements or mis-achievements clearly measured or identified. This guarantees good and sustainable work

Out of the Box

  • Service Manger, as integrated Externals, might contribute to new or different approaches
  • Integration into Team and Organization guarantee control over haughtiness and know-it-alls

Minimized expenditure on Human Resources & no additional expenses

  • Service Manager´s holidays are at own expense
  • Service Manager take care of all their insurances
  • Service Manager bear all sickness-costs on their own
  • Service Manager cannot cause costs of outplacement

To say it in a nutshell

Management-Services is  probably the most efficient and sustainable way to deal with demanding, temporary tasks

“It appears astonishing, that still this opportunity is frequently not considered, being used too seldom”

“Companies making intelligent use of this option make use of a factor of competitiveness”