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Qualifications, professional Experience, Results


  • University Studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Licensed public pharmacist in Germany
  • Graduation in Pharmaceutical Technology
  • 23 years of practice and excellence in Pharmaceutical Industry –in Germany, Switzerland, Latin America, United States, Asia. Specialized in the areas of Production, Pharmaceutical Plant Engineering, Quality Management, Research&Development, pharmaceutical Projects , Technical Operations (including Supply Chain Management)


  • 20 years responsible for pharmaceutical production and packaging as Production Manager,  Plant Director, Director de Technical Operations in Germany, Venezuela, Mexico, United States, India, Switzerland
  • Day to day business always accompanied by demanding constant improvement/operational excellence activities.

Plant Engineering, Technical Projects

  • 13 years responsibility for the Departments of Plant Engineering
  • Worked out and introduced EHS-systems and systems of preventive maintenance.
  • Worked out Requirement specifications and Acceptance-test programmes.
  • Technical Projects: Complete refurbishment of a Warehouse with 8000 palet spaces during running production, construction of a pharmaceutical Site in Latinamerica, DEA-registered warehouse in United Stated, responsible for numerous pharmaceutical equipment projects .

Quality Management

  • 11 years of responsibility for Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Latinamerica, Germany
  • 16 years key player in planning and execution of GMP-upgrades of Pharmaceutical Sites.
  • Preparation and conduction of several GMP-inspections from US-FDA, EU, DEA (Drug enforcement Agency)
  • Planning and implementation of Quality Systems

Research & Development

  • 4 years Management of  gaelnical lab and Scale up Plants in renowned international pharmaceutical companies
  • Successful development and introduction of numerous pharmaceutical products, innovative and generic.
  • Numerous projects of validation and product transfer on an international base.

Technical Operations

  • Extensive experience in Management of Technical Operations in Latinamerica, United Stated, Europe – heading pharmaceutical plants with up to 300 employees.

Intercultural and language skills

  • “Fish in the water” in United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Germany, China, India, Switzerland in R&D-activities, Technical Operations, Projects
  • English, Spanish, German excellent, French very good.

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