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Training, coaching, workshops

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Training - Coaching - Workshops - Qualitätsmanagement, Produktion, technical operations - Bereichsleitung und Abteilungsleitung

Training, Coaching, Workshops


Training, Coaching, Workshops


Production, Engineering (e.g.)

  • Product Development, -introduction, -transfers
  • Efficiency-enhancement, Job Enrichment
  • Process analysis on-the-floor
  • URS-elaboration for production equipment
  • Cost management

Quality Management (e.g.)

  • Pragmatic and responsible Quality Management/ -policies
  • Maintenance systems
  • Validation, Qualification, Cleaning validation
  • URS-elaboration for production equipment
  • Management Quality costs

Personnel, Organization (e.g.)

  • Reorganizatiion, re-orientation
  • Teambuilding
  • Interface-optimizations
  • My role in the company
  • Motivation

Addressees, locations:

  • Operators  à Group Leaders à Department Heads
  • In-house, or where You define